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"Just sit down over there on the edge of the tub and open your legs," Luke instructed as they entered the bathroom. Grudgingly, Olivia assumed the position. Luke turned on the faucet of the clawfoot bathtub and fiddled with the taps until he was satisfied with the temperature. He picked up a sponge, ran it under the warm water and rang it out so it was still moist, but not dripping wet. He then began rubbing it all over Olivia between her legs. Olivia stiffened somewhat as the warm damp sponge caressed her flesh. "Feels good, doesn't it?" Luke remarked. Olivia did not reply. She tried her best to appear stoic. However, as Luke began stroking her clit with the soft sponge, she shivered. Luke raised an amused eyebrow. "It's okay. You don't need to answer," he said as he picked up a bar of soap and worked up a foamy lather between his hands. He coated Olivia's crotch with the suds. He then stood up, walked over to the vanity and grabbed a razor off of the counter. Olivia breathed in nervously and shrank back. "Don't squirm," Luke firmly warned. "I don't want to nick your skin." He crouched down in front of the anxious teen and began to slowly and carefully shave her. First he ran the razor all over her pubic mound, stroking the blade over her skin until the upper part of her groin was smooth. "Open your legs a bit wider," he ordered. Olivia complied. Gripping one of her plump outer lips between the fingers of his left hand, Luke meticulously removed all traces of stubble from her right labia majora. When he was convinced that he had removed all of the hair, he then did the same thing to her left labia. Before long, Olivia's nether lips were as nude as she was. Luke took the damp sponge and once again rubbed it all over Olivia's privates to wipe away the soap. He then brought his face extremely close to Olivia's womanhood. He peered at it intensely, making sure that he had done a thorough enough job. He ran his fingers over her mound, up and down, making sure the skin was naked and smooth. Olivia gripped the edge of the tub just a little bit tighter. He then brought his thick fingers lower and stroked and caressed her labia. Olivia quietly sighed. "Silky smooth," Luke said with a grin. "I think the next time Judge Thorsky feels your pussy, he'll be happy with my handy-work." "Mm," was the only response that Olivia could muster as Luke continued to rub her between her legs. Her little nub began to tingle. "Alright," he said, giving her vulva a playful swat. "Into the shower. We have dinner plans and we don't want to be late." Olivia let out a long heavy exhale as she closed her legs, stood up and entered the shower. She tried to ignore her little pulsing pearl. Luke turned on the showerhead and had Olivia get in. He instructed her to use the lilac body wash and to work up a good thick lather. He then told her to wash various parts of her body. He had her spend a disproportionately long time soaping up her tits. He then told her to move her hand lower. "Wash your cunt. Get it nice and clean," he directed. As Olivia's fingers slid over and between her recently shaved labia, she also made contact with her clit. "You like that, don't you?" Luke smiled. Olivia said nothing. She loathed the fact that Luke was forcing her to touch herself in front of him. But she had endured two days of merciless teasing and no climax. As Olivia continued to run her fingers over her vulva, she tried her best to not react to the sensations she felt. But it was no use. Before long she was vigorously rubbing her little kernel. "Sir, please ..." Olivia looked up at Luke with pleading eyes. "Please, may I cum, Sir?" Luke said nothing. He narrowed his gaze. The corners of his mouth curled up into a cruel smile as he watched the desperate naked girl masturbate in front of him. "Sir, I need to cum! Please let me come!" she urgently rasped. Still, Luke did not reply. He just looked on, fixated with what was taking place before him. Olivia decided to interpreted Luke's silence as permission. She began rubbing her swollen button as fast as she could. "Yes! Oh god ... YES!" "Are you going to cum?" Luke finally spoke. "Yes, Sir ... oh yes, Sir! OH!" she cried. "I"m going to cum. I'm going to ..." "No you're not!" Luke laughed wickedly. He reached into the shower, grabbed Olivia's right wrist and tore her hand away from her pussy. "What?" Olivia yelped. Still with her wrist firmly in his grip, he yanked Olivia out of the shower. He then gave her a swift hard slap on her ass. "What did I tell you earlier? You're not allowed to orgasm until I allow it," he reprimanded her, giving her plump posterior another stinging spank. "But Sir," Olivia protested. "You told me to touch myself down there!" "I told you to clean your pussy. Your dirty little pussy. I never told you to masturbate," he chastised her, giving her round rump a third and final smack. "Ow!" Olivia cried. "Learn to control yourself. Stop acting on every single one of your urges. Stop behaving like a whore!" Olivia wanted to point out that Luke (along with every other man who she had met so far in Vulmonia) had treated her exactly like a whore. But she knew that if she argued, she would only face more punishment. "Now go get dressed before you make us late for dinner," Luke said as Olivia scurried into the bedroom. Luke had Olivia put on a surprisingly conservative blouse and a knee length skirt. He even allowed her to put on undergarments. Olivia was relieved to finally have a bra to support her large heavy breasts. And it also felt nice to wear a pair of panties under her skirt. She chose a modest pair of white cotton underwear. Olivia wondered why Luke was allowing her to wear normal looking clothes. But she decided not to broach the subject, lest he change his mind and force her into another skimpy outfit. The restaurant was within walking distance of the hotel. This was also a source of relief, because it meant that they would not need to take a taxi. The last two times Olivia had been in a cab with Luke, he had paid for their ride by letting the driver grope Olivia's most intimate body parts. When they arrived at the restaurant, the maitre d' walked right up to them. He looked Olivia up and down. But fortunately, due to her modest outfit, his eyes did not linger. He then looked over at Luke and said, "Professor Pounding, they're all already here. They're waiting for you upstairs. They're particularly looking forward to the arrival of the young lady." Olivia gulped. Who exactly were "they?" "Excellent," Luke smiled. "Lead the way!" The maitre d' took them to the back of the dining area and then up a narrow staircase. As they approached the second floor adbUMPWd7f, Olivia could hear the dreaded sound of men's voices speaking in different Eastern European dialects. She had a bad feeling. She suspected she knew who "they" were

. As they entered the upstairs room, her suspicions were confirmed. She cringed as she looked around the room. Sitting at a large dining table, drinking and smoking, were the Eastern European businessmen she had met the night before at the Japanese restaurant. As Olivia reluctantly followed Luke and the maitre d' into the room, the men all turned to acknowledge the arrival of the newcomers. As they all laid eyes on Olivia, one man, the Russian oil investor, raised his glass and shouted out something in his native language. The men then all cheered loudly and clinked glasses with one another. Olivia thought that she might be sick. "I don't speak Russian. What did he say?" asked Luke. "He said, 'The entertainment's finally here. Here's to American girls,'" the maitre d' translated. "Hear that, Olivia? They're all thrilled that you're here," Luke smirked. Olivia frowned as she hunched her shoulders. She wished that she could just disappear. Olivia and Luke were led over to the table and offered seats. Olivia was pleasantly surprised. The night before at the Japanese restaurant, she had not been allowed to sit at the table. Instead, she had been taken back into the kitchen and forced to strip naked. The chef had placed pieces of sushi and sashimi all over her. A waiter then wheeled her on a cart, through the restaurant kitchen, and into the dining room. She had been offered up to the men so that they could use her naked body as if it were some sort of a serving platter. To make matters worse, Luke had gotten the bright idea to put wasabi all over her between her legs - right up inside of her vagina and all over her clitoris. So Olivia found it to be a bit unexpected when she was actually allowed to keep her clothes on and was permitted to sit at the table with the men. "So, I have a ... burning question to ask you," said the Romanian politician with a cheeky smile. "Last night, did you get all cleaned up ... down there?" he quipped, pointing at her lap. The men sitting around the table began snickering. "Yes," smirked a Ukrainian property developer, "Professor Pounding certainly gave you quite an unconventional introduction to Japanese cuisine. How did you enjoy your first taste of wasabi? Was it spicy enough for you? Most people don't usually choose to put wasabi in THAT orifice." The men all burst out laughing. Olivia's face turned scarlet with embarrassment and anger as she balled her hands up into fists. She most definitely did not "choose" to put wasabi in her vagina. "Professor Pounding really seemed to shove it up inside of you," remarked the investment banker from Bulgaria

. "Did you manage to get it all out?" "I could check to make sure you got all of it," the Estonian CEO offered graciously. "Just hop up here on the table, open your legs and I'll take look. A young lady shouldn't be walking around with a cunt full of wasabi," he said with mock concern. Suddenly more men chimed in with offers to inspect Olivia's private parts, to make sure that she had been thoroughly cleaned of the peppery green condiment. "I have perfect eyesight. Not to mention an excellent sense of smell ... and taste," bragged the Hungarian owner of an import company. "If there's any leftover wasabi in your pussy, I'll sniff it out!" The men all laughed as Olivia looked down at the table and blushed. "Gentlemen," Luke announced, raising his voice so he could be heard over the loud laughter of the men. "I can assure you all that I have given Olivia's cunt a very comprehensive cleaning and inspection. And I am pleased to report that her pussy is squeaky clean." The men sitting around the table all cheered and clapped. The CEO of a steel company in Belarus raised his glass and shouted, "To clean young pussy." The other men quickly joined in as their obscenely worded toast echoed throughout the room. Not long after that, dinner was served. Supper consisted of steak and various side dishes. It was by far the best meal Olivia had experienced in Vulmonia. But she was so uncomfortable, she did not have much of an appetite. "Come on now, Olivia," Luke said sternly. "Eat your dinner. If you don't clean your plate, I'll be forced to give you another spanking." "Even if she does finish her meal, can will still spank her anyway? Just for fun?" the Vulmonian hedge fund manager eagerly asked. "I am the host of this dinner party. I want to make sure all of my guests are entertained." "We'll see, Kerik," Luke chuckled. "The night is young. And who knows? Before the end of tonight, Olivia might be begging you to spank her. Isn't that right, Olivia? Wouldn't you like it if Kerik spanked you?" The men all turned to look at the sullen teenager. "I'd love to take you over my knee," said the Ukrainian property developer as he leered at Olivia. "I'll pull down your panties and give that big American ass of yours a good hard thrashing." "You haven't experienced a real spanking until you've been spanked by a Russian man," the oil investor gloated. "If I can have just five minutes with your bare round rump, afterward, you won't be able to walk for a week." He rubbed the palms of his large hands together as he ogled the now petrified girl. "Only a Romanian man really knows how to spank a girl," the politician smirked. "Give me a go at that big bottom of yours and I'll turn it red ... permanently." Olivia said nothing as she anxiously fidgeted in her seat. Each man sitting around the table kept insisting that he was the most skilled at administering corporal punishment. "I'd love to see those cheeks jiggle as I slap that soft American flesh," mused the Hungarian importer. "I must admit, that is quite a lovely sight," Luke said as the men all chortled. "I'm sure we'd all love to take turns spanking Olivia," said the Kerik, Vulmonian man. "And maybe we will later on. But let me assure you, the after dinner entertainment that we have planned is equally enjoyable," he said with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. "What's happening after dinner?" the CEO from Belarus demanded to know. "You'll find out soon enough," replied Kerik. "Be patient." Olivia eventually did finish her meal, relieved that being spanked by multiple men was no longer on the evening's agenda ... for now. However, she was not sure if she would like this other "entertainment." She had no doubt that it would be entertaining for the men. But she got the feeling that it was not going to be so enjoyable for her. Two waiters came in to the room to remove the used dinner plates and to refill the men's libations

. Then a third waiter entered carrying something in his arms. It was large, flat and round. Olivia was not sure what it was. He then hung the object up on the wall. It looked somewhat similar to a dartboard. However, it looked like no dartboard that Olivia had ever seen before. It had no numbers on it whatsoever. Instead, words were printed onto the various different sections of the board. But the words were all in Vulmonian. Olivia had no idea what any of them said. "Alright gentlemen," Kerik announced. "I hope you all haven't been drinking too much!" The men all yelled and jeered as they continued to consume their various alcoholic beverages. "You'll want to be sober enough so that you'll have good aim. We're going to be playing a rather ... unusual game of darts," the Vulmonian man grinned as he accepted a set of red and black darts from the waiter. The men in the room all turned their attention to the dartboard on the wall. As they took a good long look at the words printed on the surface, it did not take them long to begin smirking. The smirking soon turned to snickering. And before long, they were all roaring with laughter. "Where did you get a dart board like that?" the Estonian CEO demanded. "I want one!" "I definitely need one of those!" the Bulgarian investment banker concurred. "Okay now, who wants to go first?" Kerik queried. Every single man shouted out to volunteer. However, it was the Russian oil investor who jumped up out of his chair and shoved his way to the front of the room. He held out his hand and greedily took a dart from his Vulmonian business acquaintance. "Come on, bullseye!" he muttered to himself as he took aim. However, the combination of alcohol and excitement threw off his accuracy. His dart did land on the board, but just barely. His dart lodged itself in one of the outermost sections of the board, far away from the center. "That was most definitely NOT a bullseye," taunted Kerik. "But you did manage to hit the board. According to the section of the board that you hit, Olivia must remove one item of clothing." "What?!" Olivia blurted out. "What are you talking about?" "Ah, I see that our ignorant little American girl doesn't read Vulmonian." Kerik made "tsk tsk tsk" sound. "Olivia dear, each section of the dartboard is labeled with a different act. And each act must be performed ... by you!" Olivia's heart began beating faster. She began to sweat. "Our good friend Yuri over here does not have very good aim. But he did technically hit the board. The section that he hit indicates that you must take off one article of clothing. So ... take something off," said the Vulmonian man matter-of-factly. Olivia looked at Luke with sheer panic on her face. With wide pleading eyes, she subtly shook her head no. She softly mouthed the word "please." "Olivia," Luke scolded. "Don't ruin the game by being a spoil sport. This nice Russian gentleman managed to hit the dart board. And now you must take off one piece of your clothes. Come on now, you know you have to follow the rules." "But I ..." Olivia stammered. "Olivia," Luke growled. "Take something off! NOW!" Trying desperately to stifle a sob, Olivia unbuttoned her blouse with trembling fingers. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she slid her blouse off of her shoulders and down her arms. The men in the room all gleefully cheered as Olivia's lacy pushup bra came into view. "Olivia, why don't you stand up at the front of the room so everyone can have a better look at you," Luke said, phrasing his command as if it was a suggestion. Inwardly groaning, Olivia rose from her chair, trudged to the front of the room and turned around to face the men. Her breasts were pushed firmly together in her frilly brassiere. "Look at those giant jugs!" the banker from Bulgaria hollered. The men all frantically got out of their seats and formed a line, eager for their chance to play the game and see where their dart might land. Olivia looked over at Luke. "What do the words on the dartboard say?" she asked. "Olivia, you silly girl, I can't tell you that. You'll enjoy the game so much more if there's an element of surprise!" Luke grinned. "Don't worry, you'll find out soon enough," Kerik sniggered. The next competitor was the was the steel company CEO from Belarus. He took aim and flung the projectile toward the board. He did slightly better than the previous player's performance. But his dart was still quite far from the center of the board. "Alright Jakub," Kerik said. "Not too bad, but not great. As we can see from looking at the board, you get to grope either her tits or her ass. Which would you prefer?" "What!" Olivia gasped. "No!" "Olivia!" Luke snapped. "Don't be difficult." "Why can't I grope both her tits and ass?" the Belarusian CEO demanded. "Those are the rules," the Vulmonian host replied, sounding blase. "Tits or ass. Make your choice." Jakub looked somewhat irate before finally grumbling, "Ass." "Okay, ass it is!" Kerik declared. Luke turned to Olivia. "Lift up the back your skirt," he ordered. "Why?" Olivia defiantly challenged. "Are you actually questioning my orders?" Luke asked incredulously. His eyebrows shot up in surprised anger. "Do you have any idea what I could do to you later on back at the hotel?" Olivia quickly realized that resistance now would only mean a severe punishment later. Resigning herself to the inevitable, she turned around, lifted up the rear of her skirt and presented her posterior to the room full of older men. "Pull her panties down!" shouted the property developer from the Ukraine. "Don't worry Artem, I intend to," assured the Belarusian. He walked over to Olivia, reached under her skirt and placed his hands on her hips just above the fabric of her underwear. He stroked her soft skin. The unexpected action made Olivia flinch slightly. The men all snickered as they watched Olivia's reactions. Jakub then hooked his fingers into the waistband of Olivia's panties and slowly rolled them down. Inch by inch, millimeter by millimeter, the man from Belarus slowly but surely revealed Olivia's bare round rump to all of the men in the room. As he pulled her panties down to the tops of her thighs, he stepped aside so that everyone could have an unobstructed view of Olivia's uncovered derriere. The male audience all applauded and whistled at the enticing sight of Olivia's pink, recently spanked cheeks.